M. G. Science Institute Ahmedabad Education Society (AES) has flourished through the commitment and generosity of a growing circle of supporters. This support has allowed the Educational Institution to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and service to the community. Philanthropic donations play a vital and vibrant role in life and work of any educational institution. Such support enables universities to do more – whether to provide additional scholarships and other student support, to fund the advancement of research and to enhance the overall academic experience for our students, staff and our community partners.

The purpose of this policy is:
  • To acknowledge donors for contributions in a timely and appropriate manner and establish a consistent means of recognizing donors.
  • To encourage further donations on an on-going basis through continued recognition and stewardship.
  • To clarify the administrative policies that impact donors.
Donations can be given for various areas
  1. For Entire Institute - Many of the facilities have been funded in part or whole by support from our alumni and friends. A gift of real estate may provide the Educational Institution with a valuable resource. Not all real estate is suitable for teaching or research, but it can still be valuable on its own. Donating non-cash assets can provide benefits to both the Society and the individual.
    Depending on the type of assets, they can be used as a valuable resource in teaching and research or by the Educational Institution to support research, education and social inclusion
  2. A separate identifiable part of the building or area
  3. An activity/research centre - The influence of Research Centres attracts sponsorship from corporate organisations, trusts, foundations and individuals. The Centres help to advice and support organisations, while shaping business thinking and strategy throughout the world.
    Sponsors benefit from the positive association of their brand with our research, as well as the opportunity to commission bespoke research reports relevant to their business needs.
  4. An academic resource
            By creating an Academic Chair – It is a powerful way to help the research and teaching prospers into the future. The level of support required to create a chair would need to cover the full cost of the position for a minimum defined period.
    Principal donors may support the naming of a chair such that the chair becomes publicly known by your name, or the name of your family member, friend or company.
    By creating a chair, you would not only help the holder of the position to conduct advanced research, teach our students and train young academics. You also support the leadership role they take in their discipline and the impact they often make in the community as a resource for opinion formers and policy makers.
  5. Scholarships & Awards AES believes that financial constraints should not prevent outstanding students from going to education. Donation can be given to help maximise the potential of most promising students in the field of academics/sports, whatever their social or cultural background through establishing a named scholarship. Naming opportunities require a donor to make a principal gift to establish the scholarship.

Scholarships and prizes
  • Scholarships and prizes recognise excellence in academic, artistic or athletic fields. Through scholarships we can provide the extra financial support that attracts exceptional students to our Institutions. Scholarships also benefit students in disadvantaged situations, such as financial hardship, who otherwise might not have had the opportunity for higher education.
  • Giving to scholarships and prizes helps to build a connection with the leaders of tomorrow and are a rewarding way to support talent.
By establishing a scholarship, the College / University can:
  • recognise most talented students
  • promote study in a particular faculty or field of study
  • help students from remote areas
  • support disadvantaged students.
Donation from whom?
Establishing and running a successful non-profit organization requires a steady source of funding and supplies. By seeking donations from Individuals, Firms, Companies or Trusts are an effective way to get immediate funds and supplies and build a relationship that will continue to bring in funds in the future.
  • Corporate giving Corporate support helps us to offer students the finest mix of academic and practical expertise. As such, AES is committed to building and reinforcing partnerships with some of the worlds most respected corporate and industry leaders.

    Organisations can work with the School in numerous ways such as becoming a Corporate Partner, supporting scholarships, sponsorship of our world-class research and national and international events. The relationship benefits all parties alike - the students, the School and the corporate partner.
  • Trust The Educational Trust relies mainly on contributions and any donations made will enable the Institution to support a greater number of deserving proposals. The financial support of Institution members, other individuals and firms has allowed the trust to sponsor a number of educational initiatives such as competitions, travel grants, academic bursaries and scholarships.
Amount of Donation
Naming Policy
AES encourages the naming of buildings, facilities, endowed awards and chairs and other assets to honour the distinguished contributions of donors and others to the Society. AES always seeks to recognise its donors who make a significant impact on the development of its Institutions. Whether through a bequest, donation or a pledge paid in installments, individuals, families and organisations can be honoured through naming opportunities if they make a principal gift to a scholarship, academic chair or capital project. AES may from time to time name buildings or other assets after individuals who have made significant contributions to the life of its institutions or the community at large. Such naming opportunities will normally be reviewed by the Advancement, Community Relations and Research Committee and recommended for approval to the Board of Trustees.
The purpose of this policy is:
  • To clarify the process under which assets are named.
  • To identify the circumstances under which names will not be accepted.
  • To communicate the rationale for removing names from assets.
Conditions for Donation
  • A Gift to AES or its educational Institution is a voluntary contribution, originating from the donor's own volition, and does not provide material benefit to the donor.
  • Donors are able to specify the area(s) of the to which they wish to donate. For general donations, not designated to a specific area, AES will be responsible for the allocation of the gift.
  • AES ensures that donors and their gift are properly recognised, and that their wishes are fulfilled.
  • AES reserves the right not to accept any gift.
  • While a donor may place some restrictions on the use of a proposed gift, the donor will maintain no influence over the money or property once transferred to AES.
  • AES will not accept gifts that require it to provide any valuable consideration to the donor or anyone designated by the donor, such as employment in any of its institutions, enrolment in its program, or a procurement contract.