H. L. College of Commerce

The working of AES is rooted in its philosophy of transparency, participatory approach and growth. It stands on five major pillars:

  • Non-interference in the internal academic and administrative matters of the institution.
  • Strict adherence to rules and regulations without any fear or favour.
  • Merit based selection of principals and faculty to achieve institutional excellence.
  • Supplement and provide capital expenditure of AES institutions wherever necessary
  • Strict process of expenditure authorization and accountability to keep education affordable

About the Numbers....

Over the years, AES became among the largest academic trusts in Gujarat, providing quality education from kindergarten to post graduation. It has 25 institutions under its umbrella catering to over 10,000 college students and 3,000 school children. AES also provides hostel facilities to about 1,000 male and 450 female students.